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Bangladeshi Model Mithila-Fahmi’s video goes viral

Some photos of actress Rafiyat Rashid Mithila’s intimate moments with producer and director Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi have been leaked from a group on Facebook. Intimate photos of the two celebrities were released from the group on Monday.

A video of the couple’s physical relationship went viral on Tuesday without cutting the rash of the incident. Although many people who watch the video say that it is not their own video. But after the intimate picture goes viral, can the netizens’ faces be shut down any longer!

Meanwhile, the video has gone viral through social media. Earlier, two close up pictures of Mithila Fahmi went viral. Later, they released 3 intimate pictures. In the picture, Mithila lies intimate with Fahmy.

Fahmy did not open his mouth after his intimate photos went viral, Mithila said. He said, ‘It is a crime to practice such personal matters. Cybercrime is intended to be published on social media without the permission of personal photos. And the picture with so much money, it is not unusual. Tell those who are criticizing that they should look in the mirror.

Meanwhile, actress Sadia Jahan Prabha also commented on the intimate moments of Mithila and Fahmy. In a status on Facebook, Prava wrote, sharing or posting pictures of someone’s private moment, you have no right to; Be radically altered by a distorted mind.


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