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ফাঁকা স্কুলে করোনা উপসর্গ থাকা নারীকে পেয়ে ধ’র্ষণ !!

ভারতের রাজস্থানের সাওয়াই মাধুপুর জেলায় সংঘবদ্ধ ধ’র্ষণের শি’কার হন এক নারী। লকডাউনে আ’টকে পড়েছিলেন বাড়ির অদূরে। প্রায় একমাস সেখানেই ছিলেন। বৃহস্পতিবার তিনি ঠিক করেন হেঁটেই ফিরবেন জয়পুরের বাড়িতে। সেই মতো বেরিয়েও হাঁটাও শুরু করেন। কিন্তু বিকেল হয়ে যাওয়ায় তিনি রাস্তাও হা’রিয়ে ফেলেন।

A woman has been g’ang-ra’ped in Sawai Madhupur district of Rajasthan, India. Atke fell in the lockdown near the house. He was there for about a month. On Thursday, he decided to walk back to his home in Jaipur. He started walking out like that. But as the afternoon wore on, he lost his way.

Asked by locals, they said the village primary school is currently empty. That woman can spend the night there. The villagers suspected that the woman was attacked by Corona. So to keep him separate, he talks about spending the night at school. Even arranges his meals. At night, three local youths came and ra’ped the 40-year-old woman.

The woman lodged a complaint with the local police station the next morning. The locals who g’ang-ra’ped her are all under the age of 20. The woman has been kept in quarantine by the Batoda police station and the administration. He has also been tested to see if he is attacked by Kovid-19. He has also undergone a medical examination. His medical examination has not been reported yet. The youths searched the school for him with the intention of ga’ng-r’aping the police. Based on the woman’s complaint, the police are searching for them.

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