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চা-ওয়ালার হাতে দেশ ছাড়লে এমনই হয় –আরো যা বললেন কাশ্মিরি তরুণী !!

ভারতের বিতর্কিত নাগরিকত্ব সংশোধনী আইন নিয়ে চলমান আন্দোলনের মধ্যে এক কাশ্মিরি তরুণীর ভিডিও ভাইরাল হয়েছে। গত ১০ জানুয়ারি ভয়েস নিউজ নেটওয়ার্ক নামে একটি ইউটিউব চ্যানেলে প্রথম ভিডিও পোস্ট করা হয় । যা পরে সামাজিক যোগাযোগের বিভিন্ন মাধ্যমে ছড়িয়ে পড়ে।

Video of a Kashmiri youth has gone viral in the ongoing protests over India’s controversial citizenship reform law. On January 5, the first video was posted on a YouTube channel called Voice News Network. Which later spread through various forms of social interaction. In the video, the young woman criticized the NRC, the CA government as well as the BJP government. The name and identity of the woman was not known. However, his statement suggests that he is a student at Jamia University in Delhi.

According to the new citizenship law recently passed in the Lok Sabha of India, citizenship will be granted to those religious minorities who have gone to India from Pakistan and Afghanistan to suffer persecution. Criticizing this, the young woman said, “Where would you put four million people from Pakistan-Afghanistan?” Delhi, Bombay, Bhopal! Where is the place What work do you give them; What will they eat, what will they wear?

He said (I’m sorry to say so), but if we hand over the country to a cousin, it will happen. I am a law student I read things like the Constitution. They say we are terrorists. We sit up all night studying, researching and then developing a policy. And you are questioning our movement! Our movements are certainly not wrong. If someone says that, I will think of him as a fool. Questioning the role of the police, the woman said, “My father is a policeman. I’m cashmere I know what the police do. It is not the police’s job to beat the students into the university.

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