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বিয়ের ১৪ দিন পর ইমাম বুঝলেন ‘স্ত্রী’ আসলে পুরুষ, এরপর…

বিয়ে করে ঘরে আনার ১৪ দিন পর নিজের ‘স্ত্রী’কে পুরুষ হিসেবে আবিস্কার করে মানসিকভাবে বি’ধ্ব’স্ত উগান্ডার এক ইমাম।‘স্ত্রী’র সঙ্গে ওই ইমাম বিয়ের আগে কোনো ধরনের মেলামেশা করেননি। বিয়ের পর ছদ্মবেশি ‘স্ত্রী’ শারীরিক সমস্যার কথা বলে যৌ’ন সম্পর্কও করেননি।

On the day after being married, the Imam, who is mentally unaware of discovering his ‘wife’ as a man, did not have any association with the woman before the marriage. After marriage, the pseudonym ‘wife’ did not have sexual relations with the physical problems.

Imam told the Daily Nation that he was waiting for his wife to recover. He could never catch the wife again as a man. This is possible because of the ‘residue’.

Neighbors said the imam’s wife stole the television and some clothes from their home and jumped on the wall. Later, the police made him ‘Aw’ at the police station.

When the police took the police to the police station, all was cleared. The accused told the police that he was married this way for the Imam’s money.

In fact, after a brief encounter with this man, the Imam asked him to look for a ‘good girl’. At that time, A’Viu said that he would send a girl he had known. Some day after the hijab, the accused came out and met the Imam with only his eyes out.

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