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সৌদির ভুলে বাংলাদেশি প্রবাসীর লা’শ পাকিস্তানে দাফন !!

সৌদি আরবে মস্তিষ্কে রক্তক্ষরণে মৃত্যুবরণ করেছেন কুমিল্লার মুরাদনগর উপজেলার পীরকাশিমপুর গ্রামের এক বাসিন্দা। তার নাম রুহুল আমিন। হাসপাতালের বিল পরিশোধ এবং বিমানে দেশে আনার টিকেট কাটা হলেও সৌদি আরবে হাসপাতাল কর্তৃপক্ষের ভুলে মৃত রুহুল আমিনের ম’রদেহ চলে যায় পাকিস্তানে। এ ঘটনার জন্য হাসপাতাল কর্তৃপক্ষকে দোষারোপ করেছেন সৌদি আরবে নিযুক্ত বাংলাদেশ দূতাবাসের কর্মকর্তা। লাশ বদলের এমন ঘটনায় এলাকাবাসীও রীতিমত হতবাক।

A resident of Pirkashimpur village of Muradnagar upazila of Comilla has died of bleeding from a brain in Saudi Arabia. His name is Ruhul Amin. Hospital bills and airline tickets were cut, but in Saudi Arabia, the dead body of the deceased Ruhul Amin was left in Pakistan because of hospital authorities. Saudi embassy official blamed hospital authorities for the incident. Locals were also shocked by the incident.

It is reported that the son of the deceased Danu Mia of Pirkashimpur village of Muradnagar. Rahul Amin married Millie Akhter, daughter of Bedan Mia of Chandnail village of the same upazila, about five years ago. They have two sons and daughters in the marriage. Older son Ridwan Hassan (1) is a grader in the local madrasa, and the younger son Ryan Hassan (1) is a student of elementary school. At present, Miley Akhter is facing uncertainty over the debt burden left by her husband and the future of their two children. In the hope of happiness of the family, Ruhul Amin went to Saudi Arabia on November 27, with a loan. But he died of a brain hemorrhage at a Saudi hospital on December 23. In this, the poor came down the shadow of the family.

Ruhul Amin’s wife, Mili Akhter, said that the day after her husband died in Saudi Arabia, a petition was sent to the authorities concerned to bring the body back to the country. In this regard, Shoaib Ahmed Khan, Director (Administration and Development) of the Wage Earners Welfare Board, sent a letter to the Counselor (Labor) of the Bangladesh Consulate General Office, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on December 22. To bring back the body of Ruhul Amin, the members of the bereaved family borrowed two and a half million rupees from the relatives for treatment at the hospital and bought 5 tickets with Tk.

The cemetery is also identified for burial next to the house. Later, the body of King Faisal Hospital, Saudi Arabia, was found forgotten and sent to Pakistan. He was later buried there. Mujibur Rahman, brother of Ruhul Amin, said: ‘I have made an ambulance to bring my brother’s body. I also identified the place of burial for burial. But the brother’s body has gone to Pakistan. We will be grateful if the government looks after this brother’s helpless family. ”

Aminul Islam, labor councilor of the Bangladesh Embassy appointed in Saudi Arabia, told the media, “We blamed the hospital authorities directly for the tragic incident because they were released by the coffin. A complaint has been filed in the Governor’s office by the nominee of the deceased. And we have notified the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “But we will do whatever we can to help the family of the deceased Ruhul Amin.”

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