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২ মাসে যেভাবে ২০০ ধর্ষকের ঘুম হারাম করে দিল এই নারী পুলিশ

চাকরি পাবার মাত্র 2 মাসের মাথায় ২০০টি ধর্ষণ মামলার তদন্ত শেষ করেছেন পাকিস্তানের ১ নারী পুলিশ। কুলসুম ফাতিমা নামের ওই স্টেশন হাউজ অফিসার (SHO) দেশটির পাঞ্জাব প্রদেশের পাকপাতান জেলার প্রথম SHO।

In a mere two months after being hired, a Pakistani policewoman has finished investigating 20 rape cases. The station house officer (SHO) named Kulsum Fatima is the first SHO in Pakpattan district in the Punjab province of the country. Fatima’s success has sparked debate around this. Several international media outlets, including the BBC, have published his interviews.

Fatima says she never accepted the behavior of her countrymen toward minors. He had a grudge over the matter inside. He got angry after getting a job.

‘I always wondered when I could punish the rapists. After getting the sub-inspector exam, I got that opportunity, ”said Fatima.

He said he was happy to get the job he always wanted to do.

This woman police officer has already submitted all investigative reports.

Fatima was appointed by the District Police Officer Ebadat Nisar. She hopes that if the participation of women in her department increases, a crime like rape will come under control quickly.

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