The capital can be removed from Dhaka !! (Video)

To decentralize Dhaka, I am actually placing up numerous GPS metropolitan areas in the location of Dhaka.

Preacher of Housing and also Public Works Sh. M. Rezaul Karim stated, “Our company is actually certainly not presuming of performing everything quickly and also carry out certainly not coincide the fact. To decentralize Dhaka, I am actually putting up numerous GPS urban areas in the area of Dhaka.

For the very first time greater than a year earlier, discussions related to taking out the funds coming from Dhaka. The border nations moved managerial tasks coming from Delhi to New Delhi, Pakistan to Karachi to Islamabad, Myanmar to Yangon to Naipido, Sri Lanka to Colombo to Jayawardanpura, Malaysia to Putrajaya coming from Kuala Lumpur. Indonesia is actually additionally relocating coming from Jakarta to Indonesia in Borneo just recently.

Dhaka, 300 years of age urban area. Within this area of 1 area kilometer region, there have to do with 100,000 folks residing every area kilometer. For a recent couple of years, Dhaka has actually gone to the first of occupied areas worldwide.

For the very first opportunity much more than a year earlier, settlements arrived to get rid of the funding coming from Dhaka. For the previous handful of years, Dhaka has actually been actually at the best of the listing of dwelled urban areas on the planet.

Today, a long-lasting program has actually to be actually taken to relocate the funding. There is actually no hesitation that our company possesses to relocate our resources today or even tomorrow.

Currently, lasting think about getting rid of the principal city need to be actually carried out. Typically, the metropolitan area is going to be actually inactive the moment, thus presume area growth pros.

Because of this, when the tension is actually lessened coming from Dhaka, Dhaka is going to possess a considerable amount of job to accomplish as a principal city. Purbachal and also areas around Dhaka are actually becoming part of the program, he mentioned.

They claim a lot of nations in South Asia have actually switched their resources to resolve their requirements. The authorities mention even more important is actually positioned on the decentralization of the funds instead than on the intricate procedure.

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