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ফের ব্যাপক ধরপাকড় – মালয়েশিয়ায় ৩৩ বাংলাদেশি আটক !!

মালয়েশিয়ার রাজধানী কুয়ালালামপুর ও পেনাং অভিবাসন বিভাগের পৃথক অভিযানে ৩৩ বাংলাদেশিকে আটক করেছে ইমিগ্ৰেশন পুলিশ। মালয়েশিয়া জুড়ে পরিচালিত অবৈধ অভিবাসী বিরোধী অভিযানে রাজধানী কুয়ালালামপুরে ১৮ বাংলাদেশিকে আটক করেছে অভিবাসন বিভাগ।

Immigration police have arrested six Bangladeshis in separate operations in Kuala Lumpur and Penang immigration departments of Malaysia. The immigration department has arrested four Bangladeshis in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, in an anti-illegal immigration operation.

Immigrants from different countries were engaged in a building construction work at Jalan Ampang at around 3:30 pm local time on Wednesday.

Suddenly, in the presence of the immigration department there was no place for escape. 4 out of the 7 arrested are Indonesian women.

In the meantime, Bangladesh detained six people from Bangladesh, 25 from Indonesia, five from Myanmar and one from India for lack of valid documents. The Malaysian factory also raided a restaurant in Penang city and arrested 20 people.

Of the detainees, eight are from Bangladesh, three from Yemen, one from Indonesia and one from Pakistan.

It is to be noted that the arrest of the Malaysian government has begun. In January this year, the Immigration Department arrested more than four hundred Bangladeshis in an illegal anti-immigrant operation across Malaysia.

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